Hi.  I do a two hour jazz show on Somervalley FM  based in Midsomer Norton.   It is broadcast Live on Mondays from 7 - 9 pm on 97.5 fm and online at somervalleyfm.co.uk.

It is repeated on Sundays from 9-11 pm.

I was hoping you could list me somewhere.  I play the usual (mostly bop+) plus I try to play local musicians as much as I can.

I also do listings in the local area.

Because it is jazz, and therefore a niche market, the Station manager says local for me is Bristol and Bath as well as Norton Radstock.

If anyone wants their music to be played on the radio they can post a cd or email me an mp3.

The email I use for the show is soundsofjazz97.5@hotmail.co.uk.