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A Tribute to the late and great Bristol pianist

JOHN'S DOUBLE-DISC DVD "The Great jazz Pianists" 

 John's feature concert, where he  played tunes all the greatest jazz pianists from a Scott Joplin rag right through to modern jazz by Bill Evans. 

full-length live concert professional filmed by A1R TV

2-disc DVD only 10 including postage

To order: Telephone Amelie Caswell 07971 978132 with your

card number and your postal address for delivery.




By Dave Hibberd

Relaunched in a Special limited "Tribute" Edition:

Featuring the stories and photographs from the original book, plus

 additional pages & pictures from Dave's career in Jazz - with narrative by his brother Vernon & colleague Dave Collett.

Unique full cover design!

Previously unreleased picture by celebrated artist Beryl Cook

Permission for use very kindly granted by John Cook, The Trustees of Beryl Cook's estate and  The Dave Collett Trio.

Cover price 12.50 plus 1.50 p&p

Jazz Society Member discounted price 10.00




                       The Bristol Blue Five           The Robin Reece Jazz & Rock Band                 The Dave Collett Trio


                                                        The Blue Notes           The Roger Marks Cornish Armada Band




GOOD VIBES "Live at Warmley"

Recorded at Warmley Community Centre on 18th March 2009

Geoff  Nichols (vibraphone, trumpet, tenor horn)

Andrew Barrett (guitar)

John Martin (piano)

Geoff Weldrake (bass)

Frank Woodford (drums)

Lady Be Good, Moonglow, Let Me See,

Just The Sweetest Thing, The Preacher, 

How About You, The Saint Anthony Chorale,

Swing That Music, Dinah, 

The Bach Double Concerto, 

Sweet Georgia Brown/ In A Mellow Tone

5  Free p&p Tel: 01643 707956

AVON CITIES CD - now available !

Following the successful 60th Anniversary concert by the Avon Cities

 at Bedminster Down Ex-Services Club, a limited edition CD '60 Years On', recorded live on the night, is now on sale. 

10 (+P&P where applicable) Tel: 01643 707956


Dennis Armstrong's Oliver Band

"Joe Oliver's Music: completing the set"

Now available, the remaining sixteen tunes featured in the Creole Band's 1923 recordings, played by Dennis Armstrong's Oliver Band.

 This CD also includes three additional tracks - a piano feature, a clarinet feature, and a vocal from Dennis!

 PKCD-338. 11.50 (inc. p&p) from

  P.E.K. Sound

 Also available: The Blue Five Plus One, Live at the Old Duke. 6.